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Frequently asked questions


My website and/or email is down. What should I do?
We pro-actively monitor all systems and chances are we’re already working on fixing the problem! But do contact us, so we can update you on progress.

I’ve made a mistake and my website is not working properly. Can you fix it?
We’ll first try to fix the problem, however in severe cases, we may need to restore your website using a backup. If you’ve deleted something by accident, we’ll retrieve the file or data from a recent backup.

How do I get my business email working on my device?
Visit our email setup wizard to get your email account working on your phone, tablet or computer. We highly recommend to use webmail on your computer or laptop.


I already have a website, can you move it for me?
Yes, migrations are free! It would be very useful if you have a rough idea of your current situation: how many visitors you have, your current hosting setup etc.

Where are you based?
We’re based in Watford, Hertfordshire (just outside London in the UK), and have remote offices in Doha, Qatar and Kolkota, India.

Who is HostandControl owned by?
HostandControl is a service of 3digita Ltd, a registered UK-based company (No: 06038878). Since we’re based in the UK, our customers benefit from its consumer, data and privacy protection laws.